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The Steep Approach To Garbadale - Iain Banks

The thing about listening to a good audiobook is that after a while you can't remember a time when you listened to anything else on the daily commute.


I've got just 8 minutes left (out of 13+ hours) to listen to, and I'm really going to miss this book when it's done and gone.  Peter Kenny is a fantastic narrator (as always), who brings the Wopuld clan to life brilliantly.


There are some things I won't miss - the protag's atheistic rantings and other introspective musings were all too easy to tune out in the traffic.  Quite a few of the characters were a bit 2D (I was going to write "flat", but that could not be said of Sophie).  Unsympathetic.


But this is Alban's story, and Alban's journey and I've really enjoyed the ride, seeing him grow up and mature and (in more analytical frame of mind) seeing how all the trivia Banks inserts turns out to have been important.


Review in 8 minutes?  


No.  Tomorrow.