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Robot eats her own grandmother - shock!

vN  - Madeline Ashby

Amy is a robot.  Amy eats grandmother.  Nice touch.


Amy goes on the run.  Amy gets attacked.  Amy fights back.  Amy gets captured.  Amy gets rescued.  Loop.


That's somewhat unfair of me, but at one level, that's mostly what happens.  She regenerates after injury, which happens a lot.  She acquires traits of other robots she eats.  She ought to be invincible, and sometimes, when it suits the plot, she is.  Other times, she's inexplicably weak, gets captured.  Whenever she's about to be eaten, Javier rescues her, even if he appears to have abandoned her / been captured himself.  No explanation, just rabbits popping out of hats.


At another level, there's the concept of the self-replicating robot, the failsafe (aka Asimov's 3 laws), the dual vN-human culture, some interesting world building.


In the end, I never built up much sympathy for Amy.  For all her power, she is tossed about by events, and reacts rather than initiates.  The last 40 pages were a high speed dash for the finish.