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Mostly book reviews.  Very rarely I'll allow William Campbell Powell (author) to write a blog entry on publishing activity, but he's under orders to keep that stuff over on his Facebook page and on http://williamcampbellpowell.com

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Fonda Lee
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Final thoughts on the Nebula Award shortlist

There was a span of 5 weeks from announcement to voting, and I'd have loved to have read everything and watched everything on the shortlist.  Sadly, I have a day job :-(


I only read one of the Novels, and none of the Novelettes.  I did best on reading the Shorts (all read) and not too badly on the YA group, at least to the point of starting all of them, and finishing all those that struck a chord with me.


The link is to my notes on my website, which in turn contains links back to my reviews of the best novels and YA.