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Revelation Space   - Alastair Reynolds, John      Lee, John Lee

Having read and enjoyed House of Suns as a paperback, I'm now trying his very first novel as an audiobook.


At 8 hours in it is really hard going.  It's mostly the narrator, I fear.  It's the first audiobook for me narrated by John Lee.  Faults:

  • The emphasis is practically identical for every sentence - he starts forte then fades to a mezzo piano, almost piano by the end.
  • His range of accents is frustratingly small.  He has one French accent, which he uses for every inhabitant of one world, regardless of age or gender.  The starship crew get a single Russian accent, which he's unable to drop when the Japanese(?) assassin is speaking.
  • His pauses as he switches between the starship and one or other of the two planets are too short to be worthy of the name.  Too many times I find myself a paragraph or two into a new scene before I realise there's been a change, and I have to work out where I am and who is now on stage.  Mental rewind - no, missed it.  Bah!


All of these faults would surely be absent from a paperback.  I yearn for the talents of a narrator like Peter Kenny, who does several of the Culture novels of Iain M Banks.


I'm perilously close to DNF on this one.