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Mostly book reviews.  Very rarely I'll allow William Campbell Powell (author) to write a blog entry on publishing activity, but he's under orders to keep that stuff over on his Facebook page and on http://williamcampbellpowell.com

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Zombie Elementary: The Real Story

Zombie Elementary: The Real Story - Howard Whitehouse

For the avoidance of doubt, I've known Howard Whitehouse since we were both eleven years old.  When we were both thirteen, he shot me with an air rifle.  Twenty three years later, he was Best Man at my wedding.  These and other escapades may materially affect my impartiality, but I'm blowed if I know which way.


He writes humour (sic) way better than I do.  He has a string of novels already published with KidsCan of (yes) Canada.


His latest novel is published in October, by Tundra Books (part of Random House).


"My name's Larry Mullet, and I'm a zombie hunter. So's my best friend Jermaine, and so's Francine Brabansky, when her mom lets her out of the house. Her folks were pretty strict. Plus she has cheerleading practice after school most days. Or she did, before all the cheerleaders turned into flesh-eating ghouls. So I guess she doesn't anymore. Tell you about that later.

I'm ten and a half years old.

My sister Honor wants to be a zombie hunter too, but I think she's too young. She's in third grade. We have a dog called Mr. Snuffles. He wants to be a zombie hunter as well. I think it's something to do with the bones.

I sorta hope the whole zombie thing is over, after what happened."