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Mostly book reviews.  Very rarely I'll allow William Campbell Powell (author) to write a blog entry on publishing activity, but he's under orders to keep that stuff over on his Facebook page and on http://williamcampbellpowell.com

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Fonda Lee
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The Longest Week: What Really Happened During Jesus' Final Days
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Dandelion Vintage

Dandelion Wine - Ray Bradbury

Listening to this on audiobook, I am even more astonished by the power of Bradbury's words.  Twice today Bradbury has introduced new characters, and within the space of a chapter I have been in tears, so well have I got to know and love the characters in just one or two thousand words.  Nor is it a quick tear and move on - the sustained poignancy of the situation is not artificial, and I have been awash in the middle of Aylesbury traffic.  Yes, officer, I was using a mobile phone.  I did not touch the smartphone, but it touched my heart.


How can anyone write both the young and the old with such intimacy?