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I've not stopped reading (i.e. I am not dead), but my last few books have passed unremarked.  Mostly audiobooks, as it happens - when I've had time to write at all, it's been ED2 rather than reviews.


Some mini-reviews:


Iain M Banks' Excession.  Great narration, as always, from Peter Kenny.  ISTR I enjoyed it as a paperback. The audiobook came across far less well - it felt like a contractual obligation album.  Either IMB's heart or his mind wasn't in it.  The story is pretty much a straight line, compared to the typical Culture novel.  The end lacks tension.  The Culture warfleet trashes everything vaguely hostile without breaking sweat.


Rudyard Kipling: Kim.  With lots of narrators available on Audible, I chose Madhav Sharma and was rewarded by a solid, versatile delivery.  Again, less enthralling than I remember, but better than the Errol Flynn film.  Far too much repetition in the dialogues with the Tibetan lama, and not a lot of tension as the Great Game is played out in Kim's first adventure.  On the other hand, there's wonderful depiction of late 19th century India.


Philip Pullman: The Collectors.  A freebie from Audible.  A faint tie-in with the Dark Materials multiverse.  Otherwise a fairly pedestrian fantasy/horror short.


Neil Gaiman: American Gods.  Well-narrated by George Guidall and others (a full cast reading).  I did enjoy the ride on this.  I didn't see the twist coming.  If you like Neil Gaiman, you'll like this, but I really don't see the point of me writing yet another review of AG.


Now back to writing...