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Wild Seed falling on rocky ground

Wild Seed  - Octavia E. Butler, Dion Graham

Oh dear.  I had high hopes for this one.  I'd read Mind of my Mind (the second book in the series) so long ago that I've completely forgotten what it was like or even whether I liked it.


I'm now quite close to the DNF.  I can't wholly blame the narrator - Dion Graham - who has a pleasant enough voice, but a tendency to give every sentence exactly the same cadence.  It's irritating, but the main annoyance is elsewhere.


The opening chapter is the interaction between two (near-?) immortals encountering each other for the first time.  Instantly they start playing van Vogtian dominance games, which I no longer find sparky.  It's very mannered (which is why I make the van Vogt connection) but ultimately it's a p*ssing contest between two characters, neither of whom I care about in the slightest.  They're too remote, too god-like.


If I don't find a reason to like - even just a little bit - one of these characters very soon (i.e. on my next commute in to work) I'll move on.  I'm not going to squander my time listening to a book I have no empathy with, getting myself into a bad mood and writing a stinker of a review.